My first entry in years…  

We are finally coming out of the pandemic and thank God for that. Over the last year, we played a few gigs but nothing like we would have liked.  

After Leo moved to Idaho last year and George stepped away a few years ago as our Mandolin player, we had a few spots to fill.  

Fortunately, we have been blessed to find Ric Lee from the Bayou Brothers to replace Leo on drums. His band is on a slow down due to the health of John Chambers. We hope for a fast recovery for John.  

Once Ric joined the band, he suggested that Jack Stephens, their guitar wiz from the Bayou Brothers Band try his hand at the Mandolin which he did with great success.  

Unfortunately, this band configuration was only short lived because he moved out of San Diego to, as he said, "moving North to go hug some trees!"  

Also, another new musician to our latest line up is Ray Conseur on Percussions! He adds so many layers to our sound and we just think he’s great! Thanks for your energy Ray!!!    

Finally, rounding out the 2021 lineup is Ethan Van Thillo on Mandolin! He is very involved in music and film here in San Diego. He is the founder of the Media Arts Center San Diego.  

Otherwise, come see for yourself!!! All of our new Fella's are great!!! 

Keep checking here for more Fella's news too!!! 

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