My first entry in years…   

We are finally coming out of the pandemic and thank God for that. Over the last year, we played a few gigs but nothing like we would have liked.  

After Leo moved to Idaho last year and George stepped away a few years ago as our Mandolin player, we had a few spots to fill.  

Fortunately, we have been blessed to find Ric Lee from the Bayou Brothers to replace Leo on drums. His band is on a slow down due to the health of John Chambers. We hope for a fast recovery for John.  

Once Ric joined the band, he…

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Thanks From The Ass Pocket Whiskey Fellas! 

Another year has passed us by with some highs and lows to remember for a while.

Gigs that were really hard and gig’s that just made us smile.

Gigs that were really fun, gigs all day outside in the sun, gigs with no one but us, gigs with long trips on the bus.

Gigs where no one said good-bye to each other, gigs that made us cry about our Mothers.

Gigs we played for no money at all and gigs that turned out to be a ball.

But as long as the gigs keep coming the Ass Pocket Whiskey Fellas will keep playing…


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