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Thanks From The Ass Pocket Whiskey Fellas! 

Another year has passed us by with some highs and lows to remember for a while.

Gigs that were really hard and gig’s that just made us smile.

Gigs that were really fun, gigs all day outside in the sun, gigs with no one but us, gigs with long trips on the bus.

Gigs where no one said good-bye to each other, gigs that made us cry about our Mothers.

Gigs we played for no money at all and gigs that turned out to be a ball.

But as long as the gigs keep coming the Ass Pocket Whiskey Fellas will keep playing…

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Gallagher's Oct 3rd in OB 

Hello People of the Ass Pocket Whiskey Fellas! 

Y'all were great Friday night with one of our biggest crowds to date. Stive forgot his bass amp but that didn't slow us down one beat. Eugene, the owner of Gallagher's is really a cool guy. When I say cool, I mean he is very generous with his coolness and had the A/C on all night. Which made for a fun cool dance floor. There was some great dancing and even a couple who were line dancing together so well that the band loved it. I'm not a big country music…

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Speak Like A Scurvy Pirate Nightfall... 

Ahoy Me Matey’s,

We had a ruckas the hour shoutin’ band ‘O us pirates Friday nightfall .

Th’ lads was great and the lasses were even better as ye can spy wit’ ye eye by th’ picture.

Speak like a scurvy pirate day only cometh once a year ‘n we had some jolly ol a parrrty!

Th’ Fellas started almost on the hour as th’ scurvy be knowin’ as George was sailin’ late.

Barnacle-covered buckos were everywhere ‘n a jolly the hour was had by all.  

‘tis be ‘bout all th’ scurvy pirate speak I can shout so hearty…

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Fifty Seven Degrees - Food Truck Friday 

  ASS POCKET WHISKEY FELLAS Tomorrow night at 57 Degrees  should be a good one. Charlie is finally back from his trip to the east coast and Stiver's back is well enough to help lift some equipment. Seems like its all coming together for tomorrow nights show. Oh, one more note, this will be Russ Engelhardt's first time to play here so be ready for some fun antics and a real good time! Please feel free to comment on any of my blog entries, it's lonely here... :(   …Read more

Great Write Up About The Boys! 

Ass Pocket Whiskey Fellas Posted on August 25, 2014 by admin

Mix one part  New Riders Of The Purple Sage, one part Chieftains, three partsDropkick Murphys , and a pinch of Mojo Nixon. Shake vigorously. Add a pitcher of the house Micro-brew, chased by a flask of Jameson Irish Whiskey, and stir.  Voila! You have The Ass Pocket Whiskey Fellas,self described as “an acoustic nine piece gaggle of southern California hooligans, influenced by Irish traditional music, American bluegrass, Old time Country and

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Blackthorn in Clairemont 

We had a great night Friday... But does anyone ever read my posts? No one ever replies so I can say about anything I want!  No one really gives a shit so I'll just entertain myself... 

What about this? It seems magpies do not deserve their bad reputation as the thieves of the animal kingdom.

Their love of hoarding shiny objects is so famous it is even recorded in the English dictionary. But according to scientists it simply isn't true...

Or what about this? 

A PILOT lost control of a passenger plane after …Read more

Saturday Night the 2014 Rocky Fest - Canyon Of Dreams 

Three months ago the band agreed to play Rocky Fest in the mountain city of Julian.

As the time got closer to play this mountain party it seemed that making this trek might be more than the band had anticipated.

Chin Hai reminded the band with no uncertain words that Rocky has been a strong supporter of the Ass Pocket Whiskey Fellas and we couldn’t back out now.

First stop was Costco to fill up the Big Gig Rig maxing out my credit card at $150.00 for gas. That took 15 minutes to pour in almost 40…

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Surprise Birthday Parties Friday Night at 57 Degrees! 

After about 2 months of planning the surprise birthday party for Judy and Mary went off perfectly! There was tears of joy from the two honored guest when they walked through the doors at 57 Degrees on Friday night. 

Jack said she was totally surprised and really taken back by how many friends and had showed up to celebrate her special day turning the big five-O.

Nat from the Emerald Society Pipe Band band kept the dance floor alive by dancing with almost girl that he could corral to the dance floor! Good…

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