From the recording Ode to Jimmy Butters

Ode to Jimmy Butters is the first track of our EP called First Flask.
This is a true story about a man named Jimmy Butters, his friends and a local Irish pub in San Diego called the Blarney Stone. From dinner time on, transplanted lads from across the pond, all sit in the corner of this now famous pub, telling stories from home. Where the bigger the lie told, the more truth it holds.
You wouldn't think you'd see men of this age sitting in their own reserved section and personal bar stools of the pub each with a beer on the bar, a beer in hand and their free hand waving in the air like deaf people screaming at each other. The more beers get necked, the taller the tale grows and thats when the Blarney starts to flow...
Its a feel good song and a feel good story about the life and times of the late Jimmy Butters.


Ode To Jimmy Butters
Waterin’ holes and the local pub.
A place where the fellas can cop some suds.
They congerate, at times in droves.
That’s where the Blarney starts to flow.
Fellas !
Ya better think about where you’re gonna sit.
Might be an issue, could cause a fit.
Like I said or did I stutter,
That seat belongs to Jimmy Butters.
All the Liar Corner Lads are just killin’ time.
To the ones not forgotten, I’ll raise my pint.
All the Liar Corner Lads are just killin’ time.
Raise your pint and say, “Hey !”
“Jimmy Butters, we’re doin’ fine !”
A friend had some troubles the night before.
Seems little darlin’ walked out the door.
Ya better snatch that change from the old tin can.
Off to the Blarney Stone for Black and Tans.
Fellas !
It’s come full circle, it took awhile.
That local pub, from the house about a mile.
Familiar faces all down the line.
Liar Corner Lads just killin’ time