After about 2 months of planning the surprise birthday party for Judy and Mary went off perfectly! There was tears of joy from the two honored guest when they walked through the doors at 57 Degrees on Friday night. 

Jack said she was totally surprised and really taken back by how many friends and had showed up to celebrate her special day turning the big five-O.

Nat from the Emerald Society Pipe Band band kept the dance floor alive by dancing with almost girl that he could corral to the dance floor! Good job Nate! We alway love dancers!

I even had a few people from my work show up. My sister Janet, who is forced by blood to be a fan but Denay and Alison too! Thanks for coming.   


Sluffis June 24, 2014 @07:01 pm

Great job fellas at the50th bash for Judy and Mary.

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