Hello People of the Ass Pocket Whiskey Fellas! 

Y'all were great Friday night with one of our biggest crowds to date. Stive forgot his bass amp but that didn't slow us down one beat. Eugene, the owner of Gallagher's is really a cool guy. When I say cool, I mean he is very generous with his coolness and had the A/C on all night. Which made for a fun cool dance floor. There was some great dancing and even a couple who were line dancing together so well that the band loved it. I'm not a big country music lover but I really dig watching 2 or more people line dancing together.

The picture was originally of just the girls but that guy looked like he wanted in too so how could I say no... Thanks for coming out to see the Ass Pocket Whiskey Fellas you smoking hot ladies... oh, and you too, lucky guy that got to put his arm around them!

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