Hi, Glad You're Here! 

I wanted to tell you all about how much fun we had at BNS Brewing & Distilling Co... First off the chili cook off was great with some pretty spectacular flavors that tickled everyone's taste buds. And the raffle was no joke either! A couple lucky winners took home some fine prizes including Tim McGraw Tickets, Stay at Carlton Oaks Resort and passes to the Wild Animal Park and the Zoo! Best yet Wes Richey put a great day together to benefit the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Well done lad! 

Ok, on to the gig. Of course we started on time and we had a 90% full house. Check out the picture from the stage. It feels great to be supported by so many of of you. I couldn't help but see our regulars and I even caught a few new faces. Hopefully some of the Fellas melodies got stuck in their heads and we'll see them again real soon.

By the third set, everyone was having a pretty good time... UNTIL... I reached for my red guitar and knocked it off the stage. I watched it as it fell in slow motion like a olympic diver off the 1 meter. It did a slow arc and hit the concrete right on the head... I wasn't the same the rest of the set and literally had a tear in my eye... 

I still haven't looked at it close but it was so far out of tune which means it took a serious blow to its noggin... 

Enough of my whining, you didn't come here to hear about me using a full box of Kleenex over some silly spilled guitar, you're here because you want to know what the Fellas are up to... So... 

This week, Friday April the 18th, at 6:30 the Fellas will be at 57 Degrees on Hancock Street. There's always at least 5 food trucks and your favorite locally brewed beers! 

Yea Yea

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