Another good night was had by the Fellas after returning to BNS for the 3rd time this year to a medium crowd. 

Before the Fellas started I was able to check out TBD Graphics. Thaddeus Burcham took me to get a table and thats when I saw Thaddeus's print shop. For those that don't know me, graphics is also my trade and hopefully Advance Reprographics and TBD Graphics can help each other to get more print jobs. 

The motorhome ran good and got Jack, Stive and myself to the gig on time. We had a quick set up and the Fellas started playing our first set to a warm flock of thirsty Fella friendly fans.

By about halfway through our first set, Jacks guitar was cutting out and not working. I offered my red guitar and Jack took it to finish the set. 

During the break Jack and me work feverishly by loosing the strings to make room to put his hand into his new Taylor guitar. We finally figured out that part of the electronics had become separated and after a quick fix, Jacks Taylor was back in business.

After that the rest of the night went smoothly.



This week, Friday, April 11th is another East county show for the Fellas at the East Bound Bar and Grill. 9:00 till 12:00!

10053 Maine Ave, Lakeside, CA 92040. 619-334-2566

Check it out here: 

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