Another year has passed us by with some highs and lows to remember for a while.

Gigs that were really hard and gig’s that just made us smile.

Gigs that were really fun, gigs all day outside in the sun, gigs with no one but us, gigs with long trips on the bus.

Gigs where no one said good-bye to each other, gigs that made us cry about our Mothers.

Gigs we played for no money at all and gigs that turned out to be a ball.

But as long as the gigs keep coming the Ass Pocket Whiskey Fellas will keep playing…

If you saw us a bunch or saw us just once the boys in the band want to thank you!

Hello People of the Ass Pocket Whiskey Fellas! 

Y'all were great Friday night with one of our biggest crowds to date. Stive forgot his bass amp but that didn't slow us down one beat. Eugene, the owner of Gallagher's is really a cool guy. When I say cool, I mean he is very generous with his coolness and had the A/C on all night. Which made for a fun cool dance floor. There was some great dancing and even a couple who were line dancing together so well that the band loved it. I'm not a big country music lover but I really dig watching 2 or more people line dancing together.

The picture was originally of just the girls but that guy looked like he wanted in too so how could I say no... Thanks for coming out to see the Ass Pocket Whiskey Fellas you smoking hot ladies... oh, and you too, lucky guy that got to put his arm around them!

Ahoy Me Matey’s,

We had a ruckas the hour shoutin’ band ‘O us pirates Friday nightfall .

Th’ lads was great and the lasses were even better as ye can spy wit’ ye eye by th’ picture.

Speak like a scurvy pirate day only cometh once a year ‘n we had some jolly ol a parrrty!

Th’ Fellas started almost on the hour as th’ scurvy be knowin’ as George was sailin’ late.

Barnacle-covered buckos were everywhere ‘n a jolly the hour was had by all.  

‘tis be ‘bout all th’ scurvy pirate speak I can shout so hearty thanks fer sailin’ in ‘n we’ll spy wit’ ye eye ye before th’ lads sail out again!



Tomorrow night at 57 Degrees  should be a good one. Charlie is finally back from his trip to the east coast and Stiver's back is well enough to help lift some equipment. Seems like its all coming together for tomorrow nights show. Oh, one more note, this will be Russ Engelhardt's first time to play here so be ready for some fun antics and a real good time! Please feel free to comment on any of my blog entries, it's lonely here... :(  

Hello Fans Of APWF, 

After a long day at work we had to hustle to be at BNS by our hopeful starting time of 6:00. We were close but what the heck, we're rock stars! We’re not supposed to be on time. This gig was only our second gig with our newest Cajon player Russell Engelhardt. Russ has been away from the band for a few years but now he's back. It’s nice to have some new fresh energy in the band and we’re having a good laugh with him.

Some other interesting news was that we had an official person from the “press” there on Friday night. The Rolling Stone you ask? No, it’s called the Santee Neighborhoods Examiner. Rebecca J Williamson was there to get some quotes and to generally check out the APWF band.  

I did see her shaking it just a little so we hope she has some nice things to say about the band. But lets be serious here, whats not to like about the Ass Pocket Whiskey Fellas?

As soon as the article is released I’ll post it on our press page

Ass Pocket Whiskey Fellas


Mix one part  New Riders Of The Purple Sage, one part Chieftains, three partsDropkick Murphys , and a pinch of Mojo Nixon. Shake vigorously. Add a pitcher of the house Micro-brew, chased by a flask of Jameson Irish Whiskey, and stir.  Voila! You have The Ass Pocket Whiskey Fellas,self described as an acoustic nine piece gaggle of southern California hooligans, influenced by Irish traditional music, American bluegrass, Old time Country and Rock N’Roll.”

If you throw in a tavern audience, the chemical reaction is magic. The APWF are a crowd pleasing band, taking requests, as they banter with their fans. We had the distinct pleasure of seeing them perform at Hennessy’s in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter. They blend Irish Folk with Country-Rock to foot stomping perfection.  Their blend of Guitars, Banjo, Tin Whistle, Fiddle, Accordion, Upright Bass, and Harmonica, supported by thumping percussion kept the place energized. I requested “Whiskey In The Jar”, and they obliged with a rollicking Thin Lizzy inspired rendition. For good measure they gave us some Led Zeppelin before inviting a couple of ladies in the audience (including my wife) up on stage to join them for “This Train Is Bound For Glory” as a closer.

I came away with their CD, entitled, “First Flask“.  It’s a mix of originals and covers. The first track, “Ode To Jimmy Butters” caught my attention, being about a guy who hung out at The Blarney Stone, an Irish pub that I used to frequent when I lived in San Diego. The CD includes Jimi Hendrix‘ “Castles Made Of Sand” and Steve Earles‘ “Galway Girl”, as well as an Irish marching version of Amazing Grace.  All nine tracks are available for free download at their WebsiteI strongly recommend giving them a listen. We’ll be listening to them in upcoming editions of The Robert J Program on Radio Vera and Sky Wave Radio

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We had a great night Friday... But does anyone ever read my posts? No one ever replies so I can say about anything I want!  No one really gives a shit so I'll just entertain myself... 

What about this? It seems magpies do not deserve their bad reputation as the thieves of the animal kingdom.

Their love of hoarding shiny objects is so famous it is even recorded in the English dictionary. But according to scientists it simply isn't true...

Or what about this? 

A PILOT lost control of a passenger plane after his artificial arm became detached as he came in to land, a report reveals.

Well, thats about it for this blog... 

Here's Rocky's Canyon Of Dreams



After about 2 months of planning the surprise birthday party for Judy and Mary went off perfectly! There was tears of joy from the two honored guest when they walked through the doors at 57 Degrees on Friday night. 

Jack said she was totally surprised and really taken back by how many friends and had showed up to celebrate her special day turning the big five-O.

Nat from the Emerald Society Pipe Band band kept the dance floor alive by dancing with almost girl that he could corral to the dance floor! Good job Nate! We alway love dancers!

I even had a few people from my work show up. My sister Janet, who is forced by blood to be a fan but Denay and Alison too! Thanks for coming.   

Check our our intro to Rocky Top! Sounds good!




Last month when we were playing on the HornBlower, we met this pretty young lady named Amanda Cogan. She told us about her Wednesday night open mic gig at the South Park Abbey. While that sounds like fun, her night is going to be double the fun when she stops by the Ass Pocket whiskey Fellas place of practice before her gig at South Park Abbey tonight. She will be singing a few songs and the Fellas are going to be backing her up! Its going to add a lady's touch to the Fellas and I'm sure you will be impressed when you hear her! Although I'm not sure which gig will be her first gig with us but be ready to be impressed! I'm sure you will be... 

Hi guys! looks like you're have a blast or you drank too much... or both!!! Thanks for the support! 

We had are usual fun at BNS. But unfortunately we're not back until the end of summer! We'll miss every one there! 

I knew it was going to be a good evening right from the start. We pulled into the dock and found a front row parking for the big gig rig. It was a long walk lugging the gear to the boat but it was well worth it. The New Rich was fun to listen to and they got us started up! 


Then the Ass Pocket Whiskey Fellas took the stage by storm! 

George Davis said: Holy Crap was that fun!!! Thanks to all who joined us for the Brews Cruise! An epic night. Met lots of new friends. Thanks to our friends, the "New Rich" for an awesome opening set.

I agree! We did meet some new friends and hopefully we will see them again at some future gigs!

This week on Friday night night we'll be at the BNS Brewery in Santee and then Saturday night in Ocean Beach at Gallagher's on Newport Blvd! Be there! We need your support!



Last weekend The Fooks invited us to play a benefit for the San Diego Youth Gaelic Athletic Association at the Blarney Stone in Clairemont. The Fooks are a great band and we all had a great time support each others bands and the SDYGAA. The local proprietor Francis had an auction for all kinds of fun stuff. Although our set got cut short we still had a great time.





This going to be entirely too much fun! You should definitely go if you can. May 2nd BREWS CRUISE in San Diego Harbor. Early bird tickets are still available at
We went on the boat today to check it out....its gonna be amazing!!! 9 local craft brewers, live music, San Diego sunset and all for a good cause. Fresh Start Surgical Gifts. We are playing on the top deck while the sun sets on the San Diego Skyline. We are joined by "The New Rich", who'll be playing the first set while we sample the fine San Diego Brews.


Hi, Glad You're Here! 

I wanted to tell you all about how much fun we had at BNS Brewing & Distilling Co... First off the chili cook off was great with some pretty spectacular flavors that tickled everyone's taste buds. And the raffle was no joke either! A couple lucky winners took home some fine prizes including Tim McGraw Tickets, Stay at Carlton Oaks Resort and passes to the Wild Animal Park and the Zoo! Best yet Wes Richey put a great day together to benefit the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Well done lad! 

Ok, on to the gig. Of course we started on time and we had a 90% full house. Check out the picture from the stage. It feels great to be supported by so many of of you. I couldn't help but see our regulars and I even caught a few new faces. Hopefully the some of the Fellas melodies got stuck in their heads and we'll see them again real soon.

By the third set, everyone was having a pretty good time... UNTIL... I reached for my red guitar and knocked it off the stage. I watched it as it fell in slow motion like a olympic diver off the 1 meter. It did a slow arc and hit the concrete right on the head... I wasn't the same the rest of the set and literally had a tear in my eye... 

I still haven't looked at it close but it was so far out of tune which means it took a serious blow to its noggin... 

Enough of my whining, you didn't come here to hear about me using a full box of Kleenex over some silly spilled guitar, you're here because you want to know what the Fellas are up to... So... 

This week, Friday April the 18th, at 6:30 the Fellas will be at 57 Degrees on Hancock Street. There's always at least 5 food trucks and your favorite locally brewed beers! 

Yea Yea

Hello all,

The guys are all excited to be playing tonight  at Eastbound Bar and Grill.

We’re expecting a few new faces tonight including some old friends that I haven’t seen in a long time.

The motorhome leaves at 6:30 so come on out if you can make it.

If tonight is too hard to make, then maybe tomorrow is better when the Ass Pocket Whiskey Fellas will be playing at BNS Brewing & Distilling Co.

FurFakSake Come On!  

Another good night was had by the Fellas after returning to BNS for the 3rd time this year to a medium crowd. 

Before the Fellas started I was able to check out TBD Graphics. Thaddeus Burcham took me to get a table and thats when I saw Thaddeus's print shop. For those that don't know me, graphics is also my trade and hopefully Advance Reprographics and TBD Graphics can help each other to get more print jobs. 

The motorhome ran good and got Jack, Stive and myself to the gig on time. We had a quick set up and the Fellas started playing our first set to a warm flock of thirsty Fella friendly fans.

By about halfway through our first set, Jacks guitar was cutting out and not working. I offered my red guitar and Jack took it to finish the set. 

During the break Jack and me work feverishly by loosing the strings to make room to put his hand into his new Taylor guitar. We finally figured out that part of the electronics had become separated and after a quick fix, Jacks Taylor was back in business.

After that the rest of the night went smoothly.



This week, Friday, April 11th is another East county show for the Fellas at the East Bound Bar and Grill. 9:00 till 12:00!

10053 Maine Ave, Lakeside, CA 92040. 619-334-2566

Check it out here: 

Leaving to BNS at 4:30

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